TECAPEEK UD Blue – Ultra Detectable

 In Food-Safe Materials, Thermoplastics

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TECAPEEK UD blue multi-detectable plastic has the highest temperature and chemical resistance capability of all of Ensinger’s ultra-detectable products.

With a heat deflection temperature over 300°F, and excellent resistance to a wide range of cleaning chemicals, TECAPEEK UD blue offers engineers peace of mind regardless of the severity of the environment.


  • Get a Quotemetal detectable
  • x-ray detectable


  • food processing
  • food technology
  • engineering for beverage filling systems
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • heat exchanger
  • conveyor technology

Contact a Dielectric Manufacturing knowledge expert to discuss the use of TECAPEEK UD blue for your food processing or pharmaceutical applications. Call 800-367-9122 or email sales@dielectricmfg.com.