Benefit from Our Expertise
in Plastic and Metal Materials

With 55+ years of experience in machining and fabricating, Dielectric Manufacturing has extensive knowledge of the material properties of a wide range of plastics, metals and carbon fiber composites.

We can work with your design specifications, or our application engineers can collaborate with you to determine the optimal material for your custom part, based on the component’s intended use, the manufacturing process, and your budget and timeframe.

We have a wide range of equipment for precision machining at our Wisconsin and Iowa facilities.

You can be confident that your part will be fabricated from the most suitable material for your application.

Click on Plastics, Metals or Carbon Fibers to see the materials we commonly work with as a contract manufacturer of precision components. Then contact the Dielectric Manufacturing team for a quote on your next project.

“Time and again, they come through with design and materials suggestions that help us.”

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Learn about metal and plastic properties and the characteristics that make various materials appropriate for parts.

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