Contract Manufacturing of Custom Plastic Parts – Wide Variety of Materials

Dielectric Manufacturing has a wide variety of thermoset materials and thermoplastic materials available to fabricate custom plastic parts. With our extensive knowledge of plastics, we’ll make sure the optimal material is selected for plastic machining of your components.

Get a QuoteFrom our Wisconsin and Iowa facilities, we have been providing plastic fabrication for more than 55 years. With that level of experience as a contract manufacturer of plastic parts, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to provide precision components to meet your exact needs. While our initial focus was on dielectric plastics, we now handle a very wide array of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics.

High Dielectric Strength, Resistance to Heat

Plastics can provide high dielectric strength. Depending on the material of choice, plastics have broad insulating properties, greater resistance to corrosion when compared to metals, and better strength-to-weight ratios when compared to metals. Some plastic polymers also have excellent resistance to heat and fire.

Search the DM Knowledge Base for plastic materials and their properties, including the electrical insulating properties of various polymers. Then, talk to us about your specific custom plastics needs; call 800-367-9122. We’re certain that if you are looking at custom plastic contract manufacturers, Dielectric Manufacturing will stand out as a preferred partner.

When you are considering plastic manufacturing companies, contact us to learn how you can benefit from our approach to custom plastics using either thermoplastic materials or thermoset materials.

We use CNC machines, not injection molding machines, to fabricate plastic components with great precision. Read about the difference.

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Learn about thermoset plastic and thermoplastic material properties, see answers to frequently asked questions about parts and assemblies, and get other information on component fabrication and machining.

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