Dielectric Corp. Rebrands
as Dielectric Manufacturing

New Name Reflects Broad Capabilities
as Single Source Contract Manufacturer

April 25, 2019 — Dielectric Corp., a leading manufacturer of precision plastic and metal components and assemblies, is now known as Dielectric Manufacturing. The new name, new brand and new website reflect the company’s growth and establishment of a broad range of capabilities as a single-source contract manufacturer.

“More than 50 years ago, Dielectric Corp. was launched with a focus on thermoset parts primarily used for insulation in high-voltage electrical systems. Thus the ‘Dielectric’ in the name,” said Mike Esser, company president. “We’ve continually have added to our capabilities in response to the needs of customers and the market, and now offer numerous integrated services relating to the manufacture of custom parts and assemblies, while continuing to be a key source of parts with dielectric properties.”

The new brand positions Dielectric Manufacturing as a preferred source of custom-manufactured parts and assemblies — all highlighted on its new company website at dielectricmfg.com.

The new website also is a platform for the Dielectric Manufacturing experts to share their deep knowledge of plastic and metal materials, and on design and manufacturing processes.

Design Collaboration Expertise and One-Source Services

Based on its materials knowledge and its extensive cross-industry experience, the Dielectric Manufacturing staff is known for collaborating with customers to help ensure that components and assemblies are optimally designed for their intended use. Customers consistently rely on Dielectric Manufacturing for solutions to component and assembly needs.

In addition to design collaboration, Dielectric Manufacturing offers value-added solutions such as rapid prototyping, machining and fabricating, welding, finishing, component assembly, packaging, and inventory management.

“We take pride in our ability to truly understand our customers’ needs, and then to deliver parts and assemblies with reliably top quality,” Esser said. The company holds ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Along with the metro Milwaukee location in Menomonee Falls, Dielectric Manufacturing operates a plant in Waupaca, Wisconsin (operating as Centerline Machine),  and another in Lake Mills, Iowa. Production at the three locations serves a spectrum of industries including health care equipment, aerospace, defense industry vehicles and vessels, food processing, power distribution, and agriculture. Dielectric Manufacturing has a reputation for being being a reliably attentive partner to a wide variety of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

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About Dielectric Manufacturing
Contract manufacturer Dielectric Manufacturing machines and fabricates custom metal and plastic components and assemblies for a wide variety of companies, including Fortune 500 businesses. Customers benefit from Dielectric Manufacturing’s attentiveness to customers and its unparalleled materials knowledge that helps ensure components are optimally designed for their intended use. With more than 50 years of experience, Dielectric Manufacturing also provides prototyping, component assembly, packaging, and inventory management. Based in metropolitan Milwaukee, Dielectric Manufacturing holds ISO 9001-2015 certification. The company is online at dielectricmfg.com, and can be reached at 800-367-9122. We were formerly known as Dielectric Corp.