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Inconel™ Nickel-Chrome Super Alloy

Inconel™ is a nickel-chrome-based super alloy, with the name a registered trademark of Special Metals Corp. The alloy is used in extreme environments due to its high strength in temperature ranges from cryogenic to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Examples of Inconel™ applications include the Space Shuttle and SpaceX. It is also found in automotive parts, gas turbine components and chemical plant equipment.

It is oxidation resistant and corrosion resistant.

Inconel™ has various melting points in Fahrenheit:

  • Inconel™ 600 = 2,4690° to 2,57°
  • Inconel™ 617 = 2,430° to 2,511°
  • Inconel™ 625 = 2,350° to 2,460°
  • Inconel™ 690 = 2,449° to 2,511°
  • Inconel™ X-750 = 2,530° to 2,610°

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