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ShotBlocker® Characteristics

ShotBlocker®  by Micarta® is the material of choice for applications that require the security of bullet-resistance. Lighter than steel, this easily machined fiberglass laminate is ricochet-resistant and strong. It is the optimal reinforcing substrate for commercial and government structures that require ballistic protection.

ShotBlocker is a UL-listed, Class 1-A fire/smoke-rated building material certified to NIJ-STD-0108-01. Characteristics include:

  • Get a QuoteClass 1-A fire/smoke-rated building materials
  • Certified to NIJ-STD-0108-01
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Ricochet-resistant
  • UL listed

Applications for Shotblocker® Laminate

  • Government, commercial and public buildings
  • Armored vehicles
  • Bank teller stations and ATMs
  • Courtrooms and judges’ benches
  • Ballistic-resistant doors
  • Convenience stores
  • Corporate offices

Contact a Dielectric Manufacturing knowledge expert to discuss the use of Micarta bullet-resistant material for your ballistic protection application. Call 800-367-9122 or email sales@dielectricmfg.com.

We also are a distributor of Micarta material. Contact us about fulfilling your material needs and to get a quote.