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Fish Paper Characteristics

Fish paper (vulcanized fiber) is a strong, flexible paperboard that has good mechanical properties. It offers excellent electrical insulating and arc-quenching properties. It is a good choice for applications in which moisture is not a factor and where temperatures do not exceed 425 degrees F. It can be die cut and machined.

See the chart below for details of fish paper’s material properties.

Fish paper is insoluble in ordinary solvents and is unaffected by ammonia, turpentine, naphtha, benzene, petroleum, alcohol and ether. As a thermoset plastic, it has superior bending qualities and is especially useful for armature slot insulation. Characteristics include:

  • Flexible yet durable
  • here to help 200Excellent insulating properties
  • Can be die-cut or machined
  • Superior punching and forming qualities

Applications for Fish Paper

  • Motor and switch insulation
  • Washers
  • Coil insulation
  • Arc shields
  • Gaskets
  • Transformer insulation

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Fish Paper Material Properties

PropertiesThickness (inches)UnitsCommercialElectrical
Specific Volume.062"cu. in./lb23.023.0
Tensile StrengthMD.062"psi1600018000
Modulus of Elasticity in TensionMD.062"psi x 10512.012.0
CD.062"psi x 1058.08.0
Flexural StrengthMD.062"psi1500015000
Compressive Strength.062"psi3500035000
Impact Strength - Izod EdgewiseMD.062"ft-lbs/in. notch2.02.5
CD.062"ft-lbs/in. notch1.82.0
Hardness - Rockwell R Scale.062"Divisions8070
Bond Strength - ASTM D-952.062"psi900900
Bursting Strength -Mullen.016"psi-325
Tear Strength - ElmendorfMD.016"grams-550
Dielectric Strength - Short Time.016"volts/mil230300
Arc Resistance - ASTM D-495.062"seconds80125
Thermal Conductivity - 149° FBtu/hr/ft2/°F/ft.0.1680.168
Specific HeatBtu/lb/°F0.4030.403
Heat Resistance - Continuous°F230 - 240230 - 240
Thermal Expansion x 10-5MDin/in/°F1.11.1
Dimensional Change per % change in Moisture ContentThick.%1.01.0
Water Absorption - 24 hours.062"%66.063.0
Coefficient of Friction - Fiber on Fiber0.160.16
Coefficient of Friction - Fiber on Smooth Cast Iron0.210.21
Flammability - ASTM D-635.062"in/mm0.50.5

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