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Characteristics of Platen Insulation

Dielectric Manufacturing offers a fiberglass-reinforced, mineral-filled sheet bonded with heat resistant thermosetting resins for insulating platens. This durable insulating composite offers high compressive strength and heat-resistance. It is easily cut and machined to close dimensional tolerances to meet your application’s needs.

This is the optimal insulation for curing presses and molds used for rubber, plastics and metals. It helps reduce heat loss and control temperature, reducing energy consumption by minimizing the flow of energy between heated and cooled zones. It has a thickness tolerance of ± .002 inches.

Characteristics of this insulation include:

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Oil-resistance and moisture-resistance
  • High compressive strength at process temperatures
  • Safer and more durable than alternative insulators such as calcium silicate and mica
  • Withstands rough handling during mold changes

Applications for Platen Insulation

  • Thermal barrier for rubber molding, plastic and zinc die cast molds
  • Platen insulation

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