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PSU Characteristics

Polysulfone (PSU) is a transparent, high-performance, ultra-stable polymer with a high service temperature. It has good impact and electrical properties and good resistance to inorganic acids and bases. Polysulfone also has superior hydrolytic stability against hot water and steam sterilization.

Polysulfone resists detergents and hydrocarbon oils well even at high temperatures under moderate stress levels. And it complies with the National Sanitation Foundation’s potable water standard up to 180 degrees F. Its characteristics include:

  • Performs well in broad temperature range
  • here to help 200Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Performs well in high-temperature environments

Applications for Polysulfone

  • Medical instruments
  • Food processing equipment
  • Aircraft instruments
  • Electrical components
  • Float switches
  • Solenoid valve body
  • Manifolds

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Polysulfone Material Properties

Density1.23e3 - 1.25e3kg/m^30.0444 - 0.0452lb/ft^3
Yield Strength7.55e7 - 8.33e7Pa11 - 12.1ksi
Tensile Strength9.44e7 - 1.04e8Pa13.7 -15.1ksi
Elongation0.4 - 0.8% strain40 - 80% strain
Hardness (Vickers)2.23e8 - 2.45e8Pa22.7 - 25HV
Impact Strength (un-notched)1.9e5 - 2e5J/m^290.4 - 95.2ft.lbf/in^2
Fracture Toughness1.89e6 - 4.69e6Pa/m^0.51.72 - 4.27ksi/in^0.5
Young's Modulus0.0145 - 0.0153Pa0.38 - 0.410^6 psi
Max Service Temperature147 - 172°C297 - 342°F
Insulator or ConductorInsulatorInsulator
Specific Heat Capability1.5e3 - 1.56e3J/kg °C0.358 - 0.373BTU/lb. °F
Thermal Expansion Coefficient5.47e-5 - 5.69e-5strain/°C03.4 - 31.6µstrain/°F
CO2 Footprint5.36 - 5.92kg/kg5.36 - 5.92lb/lb

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