Glass-Melamine Laminate (G5, G9)

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Glass-Melamine Laminate Characteristics

Melamines are the hardest of the laminates, with good dimensional stability and arc resistance.

G5 and G9 are machining-grade glass fabrics that retain excellent electrical properties in high humidity conditions. Both thermosets are flame-resistant and have high physical strength, good caustic-resistance and excellent arc resistance.

G9 is a better choice for outdoor applications as it offers more resistance to the elements than G5.

  • here to help 200High physical strength
  • Excellent arc and flame resistance
  • Machining grade woven glass fabric
  • Excellent electrical properties in high humidity conditions

Applications for Glass-Melamine Laminates

  • Arc barriers
  • Switch board parts
  • Electrical parts
  • Circuit breakers

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Density1.6e3 - 2e3kg/m^30.0578 - 0.0723lb/in^3 USD/lb
Yield Strength2.76e7 - 5.79e7Pa4.0 - 8.4ksi
Tensile Strength3.45e7 - 7.24e7Pa5 - 10.5ksi
Elongation0.00558 - 0.00645% strain0.558 - 0.645% strain
Hardness (Vickers)8.14e7 - 1.71e8Pa8.3 - 17.4HV
Impact Strength (notched)3.2e3 - 9.5e4J/m^21.52 - 45.2ft.lbf/in^2
Fracture Toughness2.16e6 - 6.47e6Pa/m^0.51.96 - 5.89ksi/in^0.5
Young's Modulus1.1e10 - 1.65e10Pa1.6 - 2.3910^6 psi
Max Service Temperature141 - 157°C286 - 315°F
Insulator or ConductorInsulatorInsulator
Specific Heat Capability1.19e3 - 1.23e3J/kg °C0.283 - 0.295BTU/lb. °F
Thermal Expansion Coefficient7.2e-5 - 8.1e-5strain/°C40 - 45µstrain/°F
CO2 Footprint3.67 - 4.06kg/kg3.67 - 4.06lb/lb

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Glass-Melamine Laminate Material Properties Provided By Dielectric Manufacturing, Richfield, Wisconsin

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