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Vespel® Characteristics

Vespel® is a high-performance polyimide-based thermoplastic material with notable characteristics: it withstands wide temperature ranges; it is wear and chemical resistant; it has excellent mechanical and insulation properties; it has natural lubricity; and unlike most polymers, it does not produce significant outgassing even at high temperatures.

Vespel® does not melt at any temperature. As a result, it is used in many aerospace, semiconductor and transportation applications. Characteristics include:

  • Withstands temperatures up to 550° F
  • here to help 200Excellent mechanical strength and stiffness
  • Ultra low outgassing
  • Natural lubricity
  • Does not melt at any temperature
  • Good wear and chemical resistance

Applications for Vespel®

  • Bearings, washers and seal rings
  • Seals and insulators
  • Semiconductor clamping rings and screws
  • Ball seal valves and compressor applications

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Vespel Polyimide Material Properties

Density1.33e3 - 1.43e3kg/m^30.048 - 0.0517lb/ft^3
Yield Strength8.62e7 - 8.96e7Pa12.5 - 13ksi
Tensile Strength7.24e7 - 1.18e8Pa10.5 - 17.1ksi
Elongation0.075 - 0.9% strain7.5 - 90% strain
Hardness (Vickers)2.54e8 - 2.64e8Pa25.9 - 26.9HV
Impact Strength (un-notched)7.9e3 - 9e3J/m^23.76 - 4.28ft.lbf/in^2
Fracture Toughness2.16e6 - 6.4e6Pa/m^0.51.97 - 5.82ksi/in^0.5
Young's Modulus2.07e9 - 2.76e9Pa0.3 - 0.410^6 psi
Max Service Temperature221 - 241°C430 - 466°F
Melting Temperature375 - 401°C707 - 754°F
Insulator or ConductorInsulatorInsulator
Specific Heat Capability1.39e3 - 1.45e3J/kg °C0.333 - 0.346BTU/lb. °F
Thermal Expansion Coefficient8.1e-5 - 1.01e-4strain/°C45 - 56µstrain/°F
CO2 Footprint9.08 - 10kg/kg9.08 - 10lb/lb

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