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Glass Cloth Phenolic Resin Characteristics

Glass Cloth Phenolic Resin (G3) is a woven glass fabric with high-temperature phenolic resin. It has excellent flexular, compressive and impact strength. It also offers excellent heat and creep resistance. This thermoset plastic should only be used in low-moisture applications. Characteristics include:

  • Get a QuoteExcellent flexural and impact strength
  • Superior creep and heat resistance
  • Useful in low-moisture applications

Applications for G3

  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Test boards
  • Panels
  • Gaskets

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Phenolic Resin Material Properties

Density1.7e3 - 2e3kg/m^30.0614 - 0.0723lb/in^3 USD/lb
Yield Strength2.17e8 - 5.2e8Pa31.5 - 75.4ksi
Tensile Strength2.17e8 - 5.2e8Pa31.5 - 75.4ksi
Elongation0.0055 - 0.0191% strain0.55 - 1.91% strain
Hardness (Vickers)8.14e7 - 1.46e8Pa8.3 - 14.9HV
Impact Strength (notched)3e3 - 9.3e4J/m^21.43 - 44.3ft.lbf/in^2
Fracture Toughness5.57e7 - 1.34e8Pa/m^0.550.7 - 122ksi/in^0.5
Young's Modulus2.72e10 - 3.94e10Pa3.95 - 5.7110^6 psi
Max Service Temperature190 - 210°C374 - 410°F
Insulator or ConductorInsulatorInsulator
Specific Heat Capability1.04e3 - 1.16e3J/kg °C0.248 - 0.278BTU/lb. °F
Thermal Expansion Coefficient7.2e-6 - 1.8e-5strain/°C4.0 - 10µstrain/°F
CO2 Footprint13.3 - 14.7kg/kg13.3 - 14.7lb/lb

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