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Glass Silicone (G7) Characteristics

G7, a glass silicone laminate, has excellent dielectric loss properties under dry conditions and good electrical properties under humid conditions. It also has excellent heat and arc resistance and is self-extinguishing. It is often used for electrical grade insulation as well as heating and appliance insulation.

While silicones do not retain their strength as well as epoxies and phenolics over time under lower temperatures, they are stronger over time under high heat conditions (over 400 degrees F). Characteristics include:

  • Get a QuoteOutstanding electrical properties
  • Excellent heat and arc resistance
  • Self-extinguishing
  • UL 94V-O Flame class rating

Applications for G7 Thermosets

  • Electrical grade insulation
  • Heating and appliance insulation
  • Shoulder bushings
  • Lock bolt washers
  • Arm insulating plates
  • Bus tube standoffs

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PropertyTypical valueunits
Specific Gravity/Density1.75g/cm3
Water Absorption -.125"< .35%
Temperature Index220 \ 428°C \ °F
Hardness (Rockwell)100M scale
Bond Strength> 700 \ 320lbs \ kgs
Flexural Strength-LW-A-.125"> 25000 \ 173PSI \ MPa
Flexural Strength-CW-A-.125"> 22000 \ 152PSI \ MPa
Izod Impact Strength-LW> 10ft-lbs/in
Izod Impact Strength-CW> 8ft-lbs/in
Compressive Strength-Flatwise> 47000 \ 324PSI \ MPa
Dielectric Breakdown-A> 50kV
Dielectric Breakdown-D48/50> 30kV
Permittivity-A< 4.0
Arc Resistance-A180SEC
Dissipation Factor-A0.003
Dissipation Factor-D24/230.02

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