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Grade X Paper Characteristics

Grade X paper is a durable, low-cost laminate with good compressive, tensile and flexural strength. Grade XX is suitable for general purpose electrical applications. It has good mechanical properties and excellent moisture resistance. Grade XXX is a cost-effective laminate with good mechanical properties, high dielectric strength and good moisture resistance. All are available in punching grades.

  • Get a QuoteWithstand continuous operating temperature of 250° F (X)
  • Impact resistant (X)
  • Exceptional compressive, tensile and flexural strength (X)
  • Good dielectric strength and properties (XX)
  • Moisture-resistant (XX and XXX)
  • High dielectric strength (XXX)

Applications for Grade X Papers

  • Tooling plates (X)
  • Router and fabricating equipment tabletops (X)
  • Terminal boards (XX)
  • Instrument housing (XX)
  • Insulation for X-ray (XX)
  • Insulating washers (XXX)
  • Sleeves, switch bases and panel boards (XXX)

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Compressive Strength1.7e8 - 3.4e8Pa25000 - 49000psi
Tensile Strength9.3e7 - 1.7e8Pa13.5 - 25.5psi
Hardness (Rockwell M)75 - 10575 - 105
Flexural Strength1.31e8 - 2.34e8Pa19000 - 34000psi
Impact Strength (notched)0.27 - 0.44J/cm0.5 - 0.82ft.lbf/in
Young's Modulus6.89e9 - 1.3e10Pa1.0 - 1.910^6 psi
Max Service Temperature130 - 140°C266 - 284°F
Insulator or ConductorInsulatorInsulator
Thermal Expansion Coefficient9.97e-5 - 1.2e-4cm./cm.°C55.4 - 66.2in./in./°F*10^-6

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