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How Do Thermoplastic Materials Compare in Cost?

part made of thermoplastic materialsSee the chart below to get an understanding of the costs of thermoplastic materials relative to one another. Contact the Sales Department at Dielectric Manufacturing to learn more about the pricing and cost of thermoplastic materials for fabricated parts and components. Call 800-367-9122.

For information on thermoplastic material properties, see our Knowledge Base. You will find data for various plastic polymers.

Thermoplastic Materials - Cost Comparisons

Lowest CostHighest Cost
Vespeltube, sheet, rod
Polyethersulfonetube, sheet, rod
KEL-Ftube, sheet, rod
PEEKsheettube, sheet, rod
Radelsheetrodtube, rod
Tecaform AH IDsheetrod
PSUsheettube, rod
Halarsheettube, rod
Kynarsheettube, rod
Ultemsheettube, rod
PBTsheettube, rod
Teflonsheettube, rod
Norylsheettube, rod
Nylonsheettube, rod
ABSsheettube, rod
Acetalsheettube, rod
UHMWsheettube, rod
PETGsheettube, rod
PVCsheettube, rod
Polystyrenesheettube, rod
Polypropleynesheettube, rod
Polyethylenesheettube, rod

Learn more about thermoplastic materials at Science Direct.