Nomex® (Synthetic Aromatic Polyamide Polymer)

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Nomex® Characteristics

Nomex® – a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer – is a heat-resistant insulation that offers an excellent combination of strength, durability and dielectric properties. This thermoset material is moisture-resistant and cryogenic-compatible with good mechanical stability. Nomex® has been widely adopted as electrical insulation for liquid and dry transformers, motors and generators.

Characteristics include:

  • Get a QuoteExcellent heat, chemical and radiation resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Mechanical stability
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Cryogenic-compatible

Applications for Nomex® Thermoset Polymer

  • Circuit boards
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Electrical equipment

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Property10 mil12 mil15 milTest Method
Nominal Thickness (mm)0.250.300.38
Typical Thickness *1
ml10.212.215.2ASTM D-374
mm0.260.310.39ASTM D-374
Basis Weight (g/m2)249309397ASTM D-646
Density (g/cc)0.961.001.03
Tensile Strength (N/cm)
MD285 378459ASTM D-828
Elongation (%)
MD192219ASTM D-828
Elmendorf Tear (N)
Initial Tear *2 Strength (N)
MD7193116ASTM D-1004
Shrinkage at 300°C (%)

Dielectric Manufacturing, Richfield, Wisconsin USA

Nomex Synthetic Aromatic Polyamide Polymer Material Properties Provided By Dielectric Manufacturing, Richfield, Wisconsin

MD = machine direction of paper   XD = cross direction of paper

1 Method D; 17 N/cm2

2 Data presented for Initial Tear Strength is listed in the direction of the sample per ASTM D-1004. The tear is 90 degrees to sample direction – hence for papers with a higher reported MD ITR, the paper will be tougher to tear in the cross direction.