Thermoplastic Materials – Cost Comparison

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Thermoplastic Materials - Cost Comparisons

 Lowest Cost        Highest Cost
Vespeltube, sheet, rod
Polyethersulfonetube, sheet, rod
KEL-Ftube, sheet, rod
PEEKsheettube, sheet, rod
Radelsheetrodtube, rod
Tecaform AH IDsheetrod
PSUsheettube, rod
Halarsheettube, rod
Kynarsheettube, rod
Ultemsheettube, rod
PBTsheettube, rod
Teflonsheettube, rod
Norylsheettube, rod
Nylonsheettube, rod
ABSsheettube, rod
Acetalsheettube, rod
UHMWsheettube, rod
PETGsheettube, rod
PVCsheettube, rod
Polystyrenesheettube, rod
Plypropleynesheettube, rod
Polyethylenesheettube, rod

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